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Instant Pot Lentil Curry

This one goes out to all those instant pot owners out there. This lentil curry comes together in 10 minutes and is GREAT for dinner in a hurry. It's also loaded with flavour and is a wonderful option for anyone dabbling in plant-based eating.

I also recommend this recipe to parents with babies or toddlers. Lentils pack a nutritional punch and are loaded with fibre to promote good gut health. The consistency of this curry makes it a good food for younger babies on solids and a great way to introduce them to all things lentils.

Give this recipe a go on a busy weeknight. Its flavourful, meatless and nutritious. Win-win-win!

Dietitian’s Pro Tips:

  • Add more vegetables like spinach or tomatoes when you saute everything together for additional nutrition.

  • Add chilies or spice to kick things up a notch.

  • Lentil curry is a wonderful baby food, try it out with your babies and kids and see if they like it! Remember, it takes time to learn to like all kinds of different foods.


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