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Cinnamon Apple French Toast Cups

I adore these. They’re a go-to when I’m hosting brunch because they look cute but they’re easy to do. Are you sensing a theme around here yet?

I also love them because they’re easily customizable. Don’t have any apples in the fridge? No problem, use the bag of frozen berries sitting in your freezer. Don’t like cinnamon? Cool, leave it out or swap it for some cardamom instead.

Get yourself some cute muffin liners and go to town! But make lots, they get gobbled up fast!

Dietitian’s Pro Tips:

* I used white crusty dinner rolls (7 of them). I cubed the bread with a knife, but you can also tear the bread into small pieces if that works better for you.

  • Serve with a drizzle of maple syrup and fruit...mmm!

  • For little ones, serve this with maple syrup or try some yogurt or peanut butter as a dip with more protein.


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