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Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Dietitian services as part of employee wellness can help boost morale and add value to your business. They can also reduce health-related lost productivity by up to 64%! 

See below for some interactive and informative ways to engage our services.

Whether you are working in Toronto or working remotely, we can support you!

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Lunch and learn facilitated seminars

Powered Up Productivity
The Real Deal: Nutrition Myths and Facts
Trendy Nutrition: Your Burning Questions Answered
Meal Prep for Busy Schedules
Canada’s new Food Guide Explained
Custom topics can be arranged!

Nutrition Counselling at Your Workplace

Have questions about nutrition but can't seem to find the time to book an appointment?

Employers can book dedicated days for a Registered Dietitian to come to your workplace to offer tailored nutrition advice for you and your colleagues/employees.

You may have coverage! Check your health benefits plan for details.

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Cooking classes and demonstrations (dependent on available space and equipment).

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Company Events

​Healthy menu creation and analysis. 


Provide your employees with the perk of a healthy and well-balanced meal accompanied by a nutrition facts table that breaks down calories, protein, fat and more.

Please note, workplace wellness seminars and consulting services are custom priced based on length, topics, extras and more. Please contact us for a quote. 

 You may have insurance coverage! Check your health benefits plan for details.
We offer a range of services across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. To learn more,
contact us or to book an appointment click here.

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