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5 Easy Back to School Lunches

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

It’s back to school! Sort of? With the uncertainty that comes with the pandemic, along with the different methods of schooling now being implemented, it is indeed a strange time to be a student. For parents, there have been so many questions. Will my child be learning online or in the classroom? Will it be a mix of both? What safety precautions are being put into effect? With all of that and your own work and personal stressors, lunch prep can feel like an additional unwanted task. Check out these easy lunch options that will work for kids learning both at school and at home. Here’s to getting your creative juices flowing!


Bento boxes are an easy and convenient way to pack lunch for the kids and yourselves! You can buy a special box or simply section things off in one larger container using paper muffin liners or an equivalent. Think of them as a homemade lunchable with much less processing. Try to imitate Canada’s Food Guide and choose foods from each of the three groups. These are easy to put together and totally customizable. They are especially great for pickier eaters and kids with smaller appetites. See these healthy options from each food group:

Vegetables and Fruits:

Cherry tomatoes (halves or whole based on age)

Cucumber “fries” (just cucumbers cut into sticks)

Baby carrots

Rainbow peppers

Sweet potato fries (Baked, make a large batch and use them for a few days)

Watermelon stars (If you have the time, use a fun shaped cookie cutter to cut fruit and veg)

Grapes(halves or whole based on age)



Frozen fruit (thawed by lunchtime and paired with yogurt)


Whole grain breadsticks

Whole grain english muffins (add a container of sauce and a few toppings to make pizza!)

Whole grain bagels

Whole grain mini pita’s or make baked pita chips


Pasta (bow ties and other fun shapes that appeal to kids)

Quinoa or couscous

Whole grain wraps


Grilled chicken

Black beans

Marinated and roasted tofu

Cheese cubes

Greek yogurt

Baked falafels


Tuna salad

Boiled eggs


Use pasta, couscous, quinoa or leafy greens as your base. Mix in any of your child’s favourite vegetables along with a protein and you have a balanced meal! Here are some helpful flavour profiles with which to experiment:

Greek Whole grain pasta

Red onions

Green peppers

Baked fish

Feta cheese

Greek salad dressing



Black beans




Shredded cheese

Middle Eastern




Lemon juice, olive oil and spices (salt, pepper, sumac)



Who doesn’t love food on a stick? It’s more appealing and more fun! Those carnival foods on a stick that we have come to know and love are a wonderful treat, but for a packed school lunch, there are tons of options that are a little more healthy for every day. Try skewering:

Whole grain bread

cheese cubes


An easy vegetable like cucumber slices

Offer it with a dip to really score points with your kiddo!


Brunch is such a simple yet tasty meal that we don’t have the time for during the weekdays. Why not make a bunch of brunch as lunch meal prep for the week? (Say that 10 times fast!).

Pancakes filled with fruit and served with yogurt and honey for dipping

French toast cut into strips with some syrup for dipping and fruit and vegetables on the side

Egg cups with veggies and roasted potatoes with ketchup

Boiled eggs with avocado sandwiched between a buttered English muffin


Experiment with different flatbreads to choose your family’s favourite. Once again, aim for a protein and even a vegetable as toppings and serve with fruit or vegetables and other snacks on the side.


Shredded butter chicken






Bagel halves

Tomato sauce

Pizza toppings

Try to prepare a batch of food in bulk on the weekends that can be used and enjoyed by the whole family for most of the week. Many of the options listed above (salads, flatbreads, meatballs, egg cups) can be prepared in advance. Once you get into the routine, having these ingredients ready will make lunch prep a breeze!

For extra support with meal planning and prep contact us, we love to help!


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