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Healthy Drinks for the Holiday Season

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The holidays are here! Are you rolling your eyes or squealy clapping at the thought? No matter your situation, if you live where it’s cold outside, you have to admit there is something extra cozy about this time of year. Hot cocoa, toasty fires, warm socks and good food...mmm.

This season, the usual holiday vibes are feeling a little different. Due to covid, there’s a lot that has felt different this year. There have been some positive outcomes, like touching stories of human connection and faith. But we’ve also seen job loss, an increase in poverty, divorce and more. It has not been an easy year.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that put a smile on our faces. They don’t make our problems go away, but for a brief moment, they can give us hope or bring calm to an otherwise stressful and chaotic time. Like when I come home to find that my husband has made a delicious dinner or when my three-year-old snuggles into me and quietly says “Mama, you’re my best friend”.

But in the absence of my lovely family, and when I’m really having a day, the warmth and comfort I find from a hot cup of chai goes a long way to restoring my good mood.

That said, the holidays serve up some of the most delicious and aromatic drink concoctions ever! It’s the perfect time to make/buy one, open a book, and enjoy. The problem? Typically, these drinks are quite high in sugar. As an RD it’s my responsibility to tell you that once in a while, that’s perfectly fine! Get your gingerbread latte and drink with abandon! But if you’re like me, and you look forward to a hot drink each day, then these easy tips can help keep things delicious and healthy too.

1. Dessert Teas

Who is the person that came up with this idea?? Bless them. Dessert teas smell great, steep quickly and you can easily control the add-ins you use. Stick to a small drizzle of honey or maple syrup and a splash of milk (or not) for a delectable drink that’s all yours.

2. Use Aromatics

Cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks are two perfect examples of aromatics that you can use to give flavour to your drinks. Boil water with your aromatics along with a tea bag or added to coffee and enjoy the full-flavoured result.

3. Pumpkin Puree

For my fellow pumpkin-lovers, why not use some actual pumpkin puree to bring a touch of fall to your morning brew? It smells and tastes great, but it’s also a vegetable! Adding a teaspoon of pumpkin puree can give your drink a velvety smooth texture making your day a little more luxurious.

4. Boil or steam your milk

As a South Asian woman, I’m no stranger to boiled milk based chai. It’s AMAZING. If you don’t have the time to boil milk on the stove, no problem. Microwave it! Then add it to your tea or coffee for an instant latte.

5. Use “Essences”

Vanilla, peppermint, maple etc. Add a drop or two to your cup of coffe or tea to make it smell and feel a little extra special.

So get cozy and enjoy this time of year with a hot mug just the way you like it. Have questions or want to book an appointment? Contact us, we love to help!


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