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10 Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Are you one of those chipper morning people who start the day with eyes wide open and tons of energy? I am not this person, I have never been this person. So after having 2 kids that wake at 6am every day (even on the weekends!!), I really needed to figure out some quick ways to nourish myself and my family when time is tight in the mornings. I feel like it goes without saying that those extra 4 minutes in bed are definitely worth it.

Whether you have kids or not, weekday mornings can feel like a rush. It’s tempting to simply skip breakfast and get on with the day, however; research suggests that eating breakfast regularly has a beneficial influence on concentration, attention, memory and more. That applies to adults and kids!

In general, the goal at meal-time is to achieve a good balance to ensure adequate nutrition. Canada’s Food Guide provides us with a visual depiction of how to achieve a good balance. As a reminder then, try to fill half your plate with colour (fruits and veg), a quarter with whole grains and a quarter with protein foods. Even if you simply aim to represent each of these food groups during a meal, that’s a great start. See below for some quick and easy ideas that work for the whole family!

1. Bits and Bites

Prefer to snack rather than face a whole meal first thing in the morning? Try some melba toast with sliced cheese and apples. You’ll feel like you’re treating yourself to a cheeseboard first thing in the morning.

2. Breakfast Bruschetta

Take a whole-grain English muffin or bagel and spread some ricotta cheese. Top with sliced tomatoes or cucumbers or even fruit. Add black pepper and basil or drizzle some honey for a sweeter version.

3. Simple Smoothies

Got a banana and some spinach in the fridge? Throw them together in the blender with some milk for a quick breakfast. Pair it with a piece of toast or an English muffin to round things out.

4. All-in-one Pancakes

These are perfect for eating on the go and come together quickly on the weekend. Bonus points if you add fruit to the mix to sweeten so you don’t need to add syrup. Try adding chopped bananas, berries or cooked apples.

5. Anything You Have Muffins

Got half an hour in the evening or on the weekend? Make a quick batch of whole wheat muffins with tasty and nutritious additions that you have around your kitchen. Try dried fruit, ground flax seed, frozen berries, shredded zucchini, and more! Keep them in the fridge or freezer and heat up in the morning. Enjoy them with a little peanut butter, a glass of milk/tea/coffee.

6. The Classic Parfait

Yogurt with any fresh or frozen fruit and a handful of granola or whole-grain cereal is a crunchy and satisfying start to your day.

7. Wonderful Waffles

Bless the frozen food aisle! Pick up a pack of whole wheat waffles and toast one up in the morning. Top with cottage cheese and fruit or hummus and sliced cucumbers - done!

8. Egg Toast Galore

Fry an egg, and lay it on top of a piece of toast with some sliced or mashed avocado. Sprinkle some salt and pepper and add a swish of hot sauce to amp up the flavour. Not an avocado fan? Use cheese instead. Try your egg boiled, fried or poached.

9. The Millenial Fav → Avocado Toast

I am a millennial so I really can’t say I haven’t done a variation of this before. But in my’s so good! Whole grain toast, some sliced or mashed avocado topped with tomatoes and feta *chef’s kiss*.

10. Nutty Toast

Take a slice of whole wheat bread and spread some nut butter, add your favourite fruit to top it off and sprinkle with a little cinnamon for good measure. A balanced meal all on one piece of toast!

A gourmet breakfast simply isn’t happening on a daily basis, and that is just fine. Keep it simple with these quick and easy options for a delicious and nutritious start to your day! For more information or to book an appointment, contact us, we love to help!


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