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Green Goodness


Tangible Wellness is a health-focused practice that puts you first. We are real people who understand real-life problems and the barriers that stand in the way of change.

Our Registered Dietitians believe that food, and the nutrients it offers, are the foundation for a healthy and functional body and mind. We also believe that food is delicious! And it can stay that way, even while we make lifestyle changes to achieve our best health.

Image by Miguel Andrade

Nutrition Counselling

Our Registered Dietitians provide credible and evidence-based services you can rely on. Our goal is to help you identify your challenges and customize a nutrition plan that works specifically for you. 

Workplace Wellness

Many adults spend a significant amount of time at work. The nature of your work along with the food and wellness culture at your workplace has the potential to greatly impact your personal health and well-being. Good nutrition reduces health risks that can cause absenteeism and lost productivity. That’s why we offer employee wellness workshops, seminars, demonstrations, and more! A healthy employee is a happy and more productive employee.

Consulting Services

Tangible Wellness also partners with companies within the food industry. If you are a caterer, food company or work within food services, contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Image by Sarah Dorweiler


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